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Melleecat's Moments

If you didn't write it down, it didn't happen!

Every now and then, I update my profile. Today is the day. I am a reader more so than a writer. I am here to read other people's stuff and interact in communities. My posts are nothing to write home about but I am a nice blokette. I am just finding my way and my own thoughts after fleeing an oppressive religion and less than normal childhood. Therefore, i am not the most argumentative person, but I do enjoy dialogue and learning from other's viewpoints.
On the less intellectual note, I am a wife, sister, daughter, empty nester, nontraditional student, a liberal for the most part, but I am not dogmatic, a feminist, but not radical, an atheist but I don't mind Christians as long as they don't hate me for being who I am, I am straight but have no problem with alternative lifestyles.
I live in Arizona, in the Sonoran Desert.
I love to ride my bike. I am in the process of losing 40 oounds through eating right and exercising. I would like to add weight training, yoga and pilates at some point.
I can't cook or type. I am trying to learn to type. I am the Queen of Typos. Most spelling errors here are actually typos.
I went to school to be an elementary teacher but quit student teachiing TWICE. I am graduating in the fall of 2009 with a Liberal Arts Degree. I still don't know what I want to be.

My hubby is Tom. He is my best friend. We have been married 21 years this September.
I love to read nonfiction and also Steinbeck.
I am a semi-vegetarian. Wouldn't take much to become a total vegetarian. Just the green light from Tom.
I like Reality TV.

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